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Fresh kick, not foot problems! Febreze Fresh Insoles give your feet a pleasant feeling of freshness and cleanliness day after day. They remove odours and absorb moisture. Discover the secret of their unique technology!

Febreze Fresh Insoles

Bye bye foot odour – hello freshness! Febreze Fresh Insoles with highly effective OdourStop technology give you a pleasant feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Ultra-thin, absorbent and won’t slip around in the shoe – ensuring a comfortable tread day after day.

Febreze Fresh Insoles

Bye bye foot odours – hello freshness! Febreze Fresh Insoles with OdourStop Technology give the feet a pleasant feeling of clean freshness every day. Ultra-thin, absorbent and won’t slip around in the shoe – ensuring a comfortable tread day after day.

  • With a unique deodorizing technology
  • Micro scent capsules surround the feet with Febreze fresh fragrance
  • The absorbent core reliably absorbs moisture
  • Ultra-thin design – suitable for every shoe
  • Comfortable to wear thanks to slightly adherent sole underside
  • Skin tolerance dermatologically tested

Separate the soles from each other. Place with the blue side downwards in the shoe. Change as required.

  • Content: 6 pairs
  • Available in sizes S (36-38), M (39-41) and L (42-44)
  • The sole is treated with a biocidal product. Active agent: zinc pyrithione
  • Made in Switzerland

Why Fresh Insoles?

About 50 percent of the population suffer from foot odour and sweaty feet. But how does foot odour actually develop and why do our feet sweat? Learn more about an irritating problem and the simple solution to it.
Why Fresh Insoles?

Visiting a friend’s house, at airport security or in the locker room: if shoes have to be taken off, such situations can become unpleasant for many. Bad-smelling foot sweat is to blame.

How is foot odour created and why do our feet sweat?

The soles of our feet have the greatest number of sweat glands, next to our armpits and our palms. As soon as the feet are not cooled enough by the body’s circulatory system, they will automatically produce sweat.

The sweat itself is completely natural. Sweat consists of water and salt and it is in principle odourless, keeps our skin soft and helps regulate body temperature.

However due to warmth and moisture on our feet, bacteria that feed on, and break down, sweat molecules are able to proliferate. Due to this process sweat begins to have an unpleasant odour after a short time.

Every second person is affected

Does this sound familiar to you? Then you're not alone: around 50 percent of the population suffer from foot odour and sweaty feet. Febreze Fresh Soles with OdourStop technology remove bad odours without covering them. Learn how it works here.

How it works

How it works

A technology that combats odour? Thanks to the Febreze experts, our Fresh Insoles have a unique effect against bad odours, using OdourStop Technology. Find out how it works!

Would you like to know how and why our Febreze Fresh Insoles work? While purely deodorising soles only cover up bad odours, Febreze removes the cause of odour formation in the shoe.

1. Antibacterial Agent
The antibacterial agent guarantees long lasting freshness by reducing the reproduction of bacteria, and thus eliminating the emergence of unpleasant odours.

2. Cyclodextrin
Odour forming bacteria not only hide on our feet, but also on our socks and shoes. Cyclodextrine eliminates these unpleasant odours by binding and encapsulating the odour molecules through their ring-shaped, three-dimensional structure.

3. Fresh Fragrance
In addition, fragrant micro-capsules, that are activated with every step, are also incorporated into Febreze Fresh Insoles. Original Febreze fragrances create a pleasant and clean feeling in your shoes.

4. Absorbent & breathable
Bacteria cannot spread where there is no moisture. Fresh Insoles are therefore equipped with an absorbent core that removes sweat from the foot. Air-permeable materials also ensure a good climate in the shoe.

Try it now!

No more bad shoe odours! Test Febreze Fresh Soles now! Simply fill out the form to get a free pair of Febreze Fresh Soles in the size of your choice. Only while stocks last.
Try it now!

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Where can I buy Fresh Insoles?

Where can I buy Fresh Insoles?

You can find our Febreze Fresh Insoles at Coop and in shoe stores throughout Switzerland. Find a store near you – our new Store Locator makes it quick and easy.

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