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Visiting a friend’s house, at airport security or in the locker room: if shoes have to be taken off, such situations can become unpleasant for many. Bad-smelling foot sweat is to blame.

How is foot odour created and why do our feet sweat?

The soles of our feet have the greatest number of sweat glands, next to our armpits and our palms. As soon as the feet are not cooled enough by the body’s circulatory system, they will automatically produce sweat.

The sweat itself is completely natural. Sweat consists of water and salt and it is in principle odourless, keeps our skin soft and helps regulate body temperature.

However due to warmth and moisture on our feet, bacteria that feed on, and break down, sweat molecules are able to proliferate. Due to this process sweat begins to have an unpleasant odour after a short time.

Every second person is affected

Does this sound familiar to you? Then you're not alone: around 50 percent of the population suffer from foot odour and sweaty feet. Febreze Fresh Soles with OdourStop technology remove bad odours without covering them. Learn how it works here.