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Would you like to know how and why our Febreze Fresh Insoles work? While purely deodorising soles only cover up bad odours, Febreze removes the cause of odour formation in the shoe.

1. Antibacterial Agent
The antibacterial agent guarantees long lasting freshness by reducing the reproduction of bacteria, and thus eliminating the emergence of unpleasant odours.

2. Cyclodextrin
Odour forming bacteria not only hide on our feet, but also on our socks and shoes. Cyclodextrine eliminates these unpleasant odours by binding and encapsulating the odour molecules through their ring-shaped, three-dimensional structure.

3. Fresh Fragrance
In addition, fragrant micro-capsules, that are activated with every step, are also incorporated into Febreze Fresh Insoles. Original Febreze fragrances create a pleasant and clean feeling in your shoes.

4. Absorbent & breathable
Bacteria cannot spread where there is no moisture. Fresh Insoles are therefore equipped with an absorbent core that removes sweat from the foot. Air-permeable materials also ensure a good climate in the shoe.