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FLAWA Classic

Fresh Insoles

For a fresh feeling every day, all year round. FLAWA Fresh Soles are ultra-thin, antibacterial, and dermatologically tested. Wearing them will ensure perfect comfort for your feet, so your feet feel good every step of the way!

The fresh insoles have a revitalizing and odor-inhibiting effect and keep the inside of your shoes pleasantly dry and super fresh.

NEW: Natural active ingredient, same effect!

  1. Upper layer: breathable, skin-friendly fleece
  2. Middle layer: highly absorbent cellulose core made from renewable raw materials absorbs moisture
  3. Deodorising: allergen-free fragrances and active agents combat odour-producing bacteria on the sole.
  4. Lower layer: anti-slip coating for the best hold in the shoe.

Separate the insoles from one another. Place them in the shoes blue side facing downwards. Change as required.

Contents: 8 pairs

FLAWA Fresh Soles are available in black and in the following sizes:

S (36 – 38) / M (39 – 41) / L (42 – 44)

Made in Switzerland