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SWISSPERS Fresh Insoles

Want to be sure you won’t ever be plagued by unpleasant odours? Then SWISSPERS Fresh Insoles are the perfect choice to give you the confidence you need. They fit in any shoe thanks to their thin design, leaving you to go about your day unbothered. The Fresh Insoles have a revitalising and odour-inhibiting effect and keep the inside of your shoes pleasantly dry and super fresh.

Product design

  • Upper layer: breathable, skin-friendly fleece
  • Middle layer: highly absorbent cellulose core made from renewable materials absorbs moisture
  • Allergen-free, sporty fragrance and a natural active ingredient for effective protection against bad odours, leaving your feet feeling wonderfully fresh
  • Bottom: anti-slip coating for a perfect grip inside the shoe

Instructions for use

Separate the insoles from one another. Insert into the shoe with the blue side facing downwards. Change as required.

Other information

  • Contents: 8 pairs
  • SWISSPERS Fresh Insoles are available in white or black in the following sizes:
    • S (36 – 38)
    • M (39 – 41)
    • L (42 – 44)
  • Swiss Made