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The selection of the most suitable personal protective equipment depends on the respective situation and may only be carried out by knowledgeable persons.

Instructions for use

  • The mask is intended for use during a single shift only and must not be reused.
  • The mask must not be used:
    • if wetted by breathing air
    • if damaged / heavily soiled or no longer sealing tightly

Storage and Transport
The product must be stored and transported in the original packaging. For further storage conditions and shelf life, see the manufacturer’s information brochure.

Putting on the mask

Wash or disinfect hands before putting on the mask

  1. Open the mask and pull the head straps parallel
  2. Holding the mask on the outside with one hand, hold it to your nose, mouth and chin, press it gently against your face and slide both straps over your head with the other hand
  3. Pull the lower strap below the ears and the upper strap over the back of your head
  4. Press the nose clip down using both index fingers to shape it to your face
  5. Ensure the mask fits correctly and tightly. Breathe in sharply and adjust fit again if not sealing tightly

Precautions for use:

  • The mask must fit tightly and completely cover your mouth and nose
  • Presence of facial and/or beard hair below the sealing line may compromise the effectiveness of the mask

Removing and discarding the mask:

  • Eyeglasses wearer: take off your glasses
  • Hold the straps with both hands, slide over your head and remove from your face with the mask
  • Take off the mask without touching the mask part and dispose of it in a closed waste container at the end of the shift at the latest
  • Clean hands
  • Eyeglasses wearer: put your glasses back on

Review and conformity
The particle-filtering half mask meets the requirements of EN 149:2001+A1:2009 and the European Directive (EU) 2016/425. The type examination and the conformity assessment procedure were carried out with the participation of the following accredited testing and certification body: CCQS Certification Services Ltd., Block 1, Blanchardstown Corporate Park, Dublin 15 D15 FWP6
EU-Konformitätserklärung CE 2834